Xeno Pyrex Glass Bracelet - Original 10-4

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Xeno Glassworks Pyrex glass bracelet is designed by Ann Miller and Kevin Prochaska. Perfect for lampwork jewelry, Pyrex glass, known generically as borosilicate or boro is brilliantly clear, lightweight and strong. 

Pure glass colors are applied to the underside of this clear glass bracelet in contrasting swirls and frit, then overlaid with another color, creating depth. Glass threads are wrapped across the body of the bracelet in bas relief. Bracelet is 10mm in diameter. Some variation in colors should be expected and celebrated, as no two bracelets are ever exactly the same.

This bracelet is available in a variety of sizes and for help selecting the correct size use these Sizing Tips. Bracelets are made to order. Please allow 2 - 3 weeks for delivery.

Our Full Selection includes many colorful Originals, brilliant Gold and Platinums, Dichroics, Specials, Opticals, Limiteds and more.

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