Sizing Tips

Sizing for You

Cut a piece of paper lengthwise so that it measures about 1 inch wide and 11 inches long. Don’t use a string because a string can stretch and you will end up ordering a bracelet that is either too big or too small.

Wrap the paper around your wrist, not too snug and not too loose, just above the wrist bone and mark it where it overlaps.

Determine the length with a ruler.

Select the size from the drop down menu that matches the length. If you are right on the border between two sizes, order the larger of the two.

As Gifts

Xeno glass bracelets make wonderful gifts. To select the right size for someone else, these guidelines can be useful:

Genetic family members of the same gender often have the same size wrist.

Height and weight estimates can be handy when you remember that our medium size bracelet fit’s a medium size body.

Exchanging for the Correct Size

Occasionally a bracelet just does not seem to fit quite right even after carefully following these instructions. Should this occur, simply return the bracelet and request a replacement that is either one size larger or one size smaller (you pay for shipping to us and we'll pay for shipping back to you).