Hand Blown Glass Kangaroo

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Hand blown glass kangaroo figurine is a delightful and imaginative collectible sculpture. Artist is Kevin Prochaska, Disneyland glass blower for 10 years.

Mother Kangaroo is seen here alert and watchful as her young joey takes a peak at the world that lies outside her mother’s pouch. Designing a figurine that tells a story is what makes caricature sculpture fun for me. I make the figurine entirely by hand from borosilicate crystal. The brilliant rainbow of colors is created when I apply pure gold to the glass while it is still molten. Kangaroo measures approximately 3.5 inches tall and 3 inches long. Be sure to visit my profile for more information about my 35 years of glass blowing experience as I want you to feel confident about your purchase. I hope you will enjoy this work of art and the memories it represents for many years to come. Figurine retails at specialty shops for $150.00.


Material: Borosilicate Crystal and 24K Gold                                        

Dimensions: Height 3.5 inches, Length 3 inches

Weight: 3 oz. Suggested Retail: $150.00