Hand Blown Glass Aardvark Figurine

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Hand blown glass aardvark figurine just might be the most stunning of your collectible anteater sculptures. Kevin Prochaska, Disneyland glass blower for 10 years is the artist.

Aardvark: its name is synonymous with something that is out of the ordinary and this animal certainly lives up to that.  I equip this animal with the powerful legs of a kangaroo, the long ears of a rabbit, and a long snout that hosts an even longer tongue. This is one confused critter that I had to include in my menagerie of glass sculptures. I make the figurine entirely by hand from borosilicate crystal. The brilliant rainbow of colors is created when I apply pure gold to the glass while it is still molten. Aardvark measures approximately 5 inches long and 2 inches tall. Your purchase includes an attractive information card trimmed with gold foil. Be sure to visit my profile for more information about my 35 years of glass blowing experience as I want you to feel confident about your purchase. I hope you will enjoy this work of art and the memories it represents for many years to come. Aardvark retails at specialty shops for $125.00.


Material: Borosilicate Crystal and 24k Gold                                        

Dimensions: Length 5 inches, Height 2 inches

Weight: 2 oz. Suggested Retail: $125.00