Butterfly Unity Candle Holder

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Butterfly unity wedding candle holder and unity tapers sparkle in crystal brilliance. Bride and groom’s hand blown glass butterfly taper candle holders work in ceremonious harmony with the unity candle holder to symbolize the flame of love and the light of life when the wedding couple lights a single unity flame. Disneyland is where the artist, Kevin Prochaska, originally learned his trade more than 35 years ago. 

I create these candle holders entirely by hand from molten borosilicate crystal. Styled to uniquely complement the design of my Butterfly Wedding Cake Topper and Toasting Glasses, these beautiful pieces of art will surely find a place in your home after your special day.  The butterflies are permanently sand etched giving them their velvety smooth texture and creating a nice contrast to the clarity of the surrounding crystal. Be sure to visit my profile for more information about my 35 years of glass blowing experience as I want you to feel confident about your purchase. I hope you will enjoy this work of art and the memories it represents for many years to come. Unity candle 3 piece set retails at specialty stores for $475.00


3 Piece Set consists of one large candle holder and 2 taper candle holders. Please note that candles are not included due to possible heat exposure during shipping but are readily available at candle stores, department stores or online.


Dimensions: Taper holders measure approximately 9 inches tall and 3.5 inches wide at the base and accept standard 10 or 12 inch candles. Large unity candle holder measures approximately 4.5 inches tall, 4 inches wide at the top, and 3.5 inches wide at the base and accepts standard diameter flat bottom candles.


Material: Borosilicate Crystal and Sand Etched BorosilicateCrystal

Suggested Retail: $475.00


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