50th Anniversary Wedding Cake Topper with Swans

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50th anniversary wedding cake topper with swans of hand blown glass will top off your golden celebration in brilliant crystal and 22k gold. Disneyland is where glass blower Kevin Prochaska practiced his trade for 10 years.

A simply beautiful keepsake that is perfect for the fiftieth anniversary. I craft the entire piece from borosilicate crystal for strength and durability. This heirloom quality hand blown glass topper features a pair of kissing swans. One sits elegantly above the other, her neck gracefully arching downward toward her mate; he poses at her side with outstretched wings, their beaks barely touching in an eternal kiss. The frosted glass swans have been sand etched by hand to give them their velvety soft texture and sit upon an intricate pedestal base of laced glass. Positioned in front of the pedestal base is the number 50, also made of glass, and brilliantly shining with 22k gold plate. This topper will surely add the finishing touch to your wedding cake. Kissing Swans sculpture measures 7 inches tall, 4.5 inches wide and will not overpower a smaller wedding cake. Diameter of base is 3.5 inches. Be sure to visit my profile for more information about my 35 years of glass blowing experience as I want you to feel confident about your purchase. I hope you will enjoy this work of art and the memories it represents for many years to come. Swans kissing cake topper retails at specialty shops for $300.


Material: Borosilicate Crystal, Sand Etched Borosilicate Crystal, 22k Gold

Dimensions: Height 7 inches, Width 4.5 inches, Base Dia. 3.5 inches

Weight: 6 oz. Suggested Retail: $300.00


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