Gold and Platinum Opticals

Our hand crafted Xeno Glassworks GOLD and PLATINUM OPTICAL bracelets have mass; the glass becomes a lens that magnifies light, color and pattern.  Not only do our OPTICALS take more working time than do our Originals or Specials, they require more fire and a longer annealing in the kiln to coalesce all that's gone into them.

GOLD and PLATINUM OPTICALS undergo a three day cycle of constant heat that fuses borosilicate glass with true gold and platinum, an alchemy that gives a softly exotic gleam.  FUMED GOLD and PLATINUM are iridescent, a result of being bathed in a vapor of metal salts in the torch flame- the effect is magical.  VIOLET GOLD and PLATINUM are the exquisite result of these two precious metals revealed through solid violet glass.  All the variations of GOLD and PLATINUM may include bas relief and under textures, the kinetic of refracted light through amorphic surface details, the contrast between frosted and satin violet, or that of dichroic color next to gold.

GOLD and PLATINUM OPTICALS are 12mm up to 19mm diameter.